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Symptoms That Will Tell You If You’ve Got Thyroid Problems

Endocrine glands are in charge of secreting hormones in your body, and your thyroid glands or thyroid found in your neck is the primary gland that produces hormones for your metabolism and growth.

Once your thyroid malfunction, it can bring about disorders that can be detrimental to your health, especially if you weren’t able to diagnose that you have one.

The most common thyroid problems include hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), and thyroid nodules or lumps, otherwise known as goiter.

Unfortunately, not all people realize that they have thyroid disorder/s because they are unaware of what the thyroid symptoms are. Therefore, here’s a quick rundown of the thyroid symptoms that you should take note:

The Rundown

    Fatigue – Fatigue is said to be the most common among all thyroid symptoms. If you feel easily exhausted even with enough sleep, this may be a sign of a thyroid condition.

    Weight Changes – If you are experiencing unusual weight changes despite of proper dietary plan, it may also mean that you have a thyroid disorder.

    Depression or Anxiety – Depression is usually linked to hypothyroidism while anxiety is usually associated with hyperthyroidism.

    Cholesterol Issues – Abnormal levels of cholesterol in the body, especially those that are not responsive to diet, are also said to be signs of a thyroid problem.

    Family History – If your family members have gotten any thyroid conditions, then there’s a higher risk that you will have any thyroid problems as well.

    Menstrual Irregularities and Fertility Problems – Heavier, painful, and more frequent menstruation or shorter and less frequent menstruation are usually associated with thyroid conditions.

    Bowel Problems – Severe constipation might be a sign that you have hypothyroidism, while diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome might mean that you have hyperthyroidism.

    Hair/Skin Changes – Hair fall is the most evident sign among any hair changes that you have a thyroid disorder. If your skin’s texture becomes more unusual, then it may also be a sign of any thyroid problem.

    Neck Discomfort or Enlargement – Swelling in the neck, having a hoarse voice and an unusually large thyroid are some of the indications that you have a thyroid condition.

    Muscle and Joints Pains, Carpal Tunnel or Tendonitis Problems – If you feel that your muscles and joints are aching, your arms becoming weaker, or noticed that carpal tunnel or tarsal tunnel is forming in the hands/arms or legs respectively, then you may have gotten a thyroid disorder.

It is not necessary that you should have all these symptoms in order to say that you have thyroid problems. However, having a number of these would mean that you have already gotten one.

Hence, you must be knowledgeable with these thyroid symptoms so you’ll be alerted once you have these and visit your doctors immediately for diagnosis.

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